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Earth Day is April 22nd! - Commit to Greener Living

There are so many things you can do to embrace a 'greener' lifestyle . . . and the time to start is NOW!

We are celebrating Earth Day on Friday!  It's more important than ever that everyone does their part to ensure we have life-giving resources available for the future generations of humans and all life forms.  

View the link below for ideas of things you can easily do in and around your home and do your part to conserve valuable resources.  

Commit to Living a Greener, More Sustainable Life this Earth Day - With more than 1 billion people participating in Earth Day activities each year, it’s hard to fathom what we all did on April 22 prior to 1970—the year Senator Gaylord Nelson put into motion a movement that continues to motivate people into action when it comes to caring for—and protecting—our environment. Whether you’re a preservationist, or activist—or somewhere […] [RisMedia Consumer News]

Pricing Your Chicagoland Home to Sell

The right pricing strategy is the most important factor leading to a successful sale of your home.

Agents must always have their appraisal goggles on when determining a listing price for each house. We’re often challenged by sellers that may have their own idea of what their homes are worth, but we must be realistic.  Our job is to get the seller the best possible price for their home, and at the same time avoid any appraisal issues that may cause the transaction to fall apart.

Although problems with appraisals are not as common as they were several years ago, it is important to price your home right to avoid issues with getting the selling price and the appraised value to match.  The agent representing the seller can work with appraisers and provide them with information on comparable properties.  It is also important to keep an open dialog with the seller so that their expectations regarding pricing are reasonable. 

How does a professional real estate agent determine the right listing price . . . a price that will encourage buyers to make offers . . . a price that will not trigger appraisal issues once a deal is made?  Read more about how a professional real estate agent prices your property.

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