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New To Chicago or Planning A Move To Chicago?

If you are new to the Chicagoland area, or plan to move to Chicago in the near future, then you will want to connect yourself with the best information available to help you learn what there is to see and do.  You will also need information about how to get around as well as the services provided to residents.

We've compiled a short list of what we consider the best resources to keep you informed about Where To Go, What To Do, & How To Get There in Chicago.

You may want to connect up with each of the resources on social media and join their newsletter email lists so you don't miss out on something you would love to do or learn about. 


TimeOut.com/Chicago is a quick and easy guide of what to do and where to go in Chicago today, this week, this weekend, and this month.

Metromix.com is the ultimate guide to Chicago music, restaurants, events, and much more.  This is a site you will want to follow on social media to get all the latest Chicago scoop.
The Chicago Park District website is full of events and programs in Chicago's 500+ parks.  Learn all about the parks in and around your neighborhood and take advantage of the programs for pets, children, and the whole family.
ChooseChicago.com is the official visitor site for Chicago.  They have great tools for you to discover new neighborhoods, customized itineraries, top events and more.
The Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) operates the nation’s second largest public transportation system.  Learn all about the routes near your home and how to easily get from here to there in the City of Chicago and 35 suburbs in the 6-county Chicago metro area.
The City of Chicago website is where to go for information about public services, city government, and facts and figures about Chicago and its residents.