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5 Ideas To Make Your Kitchen Look & Feel Expensive

Great kitchens sell homes.  The kitchen is one of the (or perhaps THE) most important room in the house.  

Want to enjoy your kitchen more, and also make it a significant selling feature when it's time to move on?  Can't afford a complete makeover?  Need DIY projects?

We're going to explore 5 great ideas you can accomplish on a small budget that will look and feel like you spent a ton.

1.  Upgrade your lighting.  Use lighting to define the different spaces in your kitchen . . . pendants over an island or breakfast nook, and recessed overhead lighting and under counter lights provide pleasant and targeted light where it's needed.  For upscale ambiance, install dimmer switches on your lights and always use warm-colored light bulbs.  Cool tones will make your space look 'cheaper'.  Architects and lighting designers swear by these tips.

For some good inspiration, check out HGTV's 17 Top Kitchen Design Trends

2.  Paint your cabinets instead of replacing them.  White kitchen cabinets are prevalent in upscale homes, as are darker wood cabinets, and the color gray is also very popular. With a kit from Rust-Oleum you can refurbish your cabinets yourself for a very reasonable cost . . . and the results can be pretty amazing.  It takes some time and patience, but if cabinet replacement is not in your budget, this is about as good as it gets.

3.  Replace your cabinet hardware.  There are hundreds of choices in the big-box home improvement stores, and for a few dollars a piece you can take your cabinets from old and boring to modern and upscale.  For really unique cabinet hardware that you won't see elsewhere, check out some of the Etsy stores.  Here is a link to a really cool page of handmade glass cabinet and drawer pulls handmade by SLJglass.  You'll pay more for these, but they may be just the thing to take you from ho-hum to ooh-lah-lah.

4.  Invest in a new kitchen faucet.  You don't have to spend a fortune to get a really nice new faucet.  Choose one that fits with your style that is high so large pots can fit under it, and one that has a pull-out spray.  A touch faucet would be appreciated and a real bonus, but you don't need to invest the extra money, unless you really want it.  Many of the kitchen faucets come with a lifetime warranty, so if anything happens to it the company will just send you a new one.  Get some online inspiration at e-faucets.

5.  Give the walls a fresh coat of paint.  A good quality paint in just the right hue to complement your home always makes a dramatic difference.  Sherwin Williams has some great color-picking tools that you can use to find just the right 'upscale' look.  

To keep your kitchen looking its best it must be clean and de-cluttered.  Get all that unnecessary stuff off your countertops and remove those knick-knacks and artificial plants above the cabinets.  Keep everything very clean and sleek.  Not only does that scream 'expensive', it also creates a more relaxed environment for you and your family.  It's amazing how getting rid of clutter in your home also de-clutters your mind.

Of course, if you're making improvements to appeal to buyers because you're planning to sell, I am happy to come over and give you my advice on what today's buyers are looking for before you start your projects.  Contact me any time with your questions.  I'm glad to help!