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Why A Mortgage Pre-Approval Gives You A Home-Buying Advantage

If you are planning to purchase a home soon, the first step should be getting Pre-Approved for your mortgage financing.  

A Pre-Approval, as opposed to a Pre-Qualification, signifies that the loan application has already been taken and that you are approved as a buyer up to a certain price range, so your loan will be subject only to the property meeting the lender's approval guidelines.

Here's why Pre-Approved buyers are ahead in the home buying game:

Awesome Video of Winter Day In Chicago

Great job capturing the feeling of our great city, Drone Media!  

How To Spot A Home Improvement Scammer

Lately it seems I've seen more instances in social media and on television of unscrupulous remodeling and home repair contractors who are scamming consumers, especially the elderly.

If you are planning to do a major remodeling project or even a smaller repair on your home, it is always best to get a recommendation from a trusted source. 

If you don't have someone locally to ask, then you can always give me a call.  We know lots of reputable people and companies that provide great services of all kinds to homeowners in the Chicagoland area.

What are some of the signs that a home improvement contractor may be a scammer?  Well, they don't usually look like this guy . . . it would be nice if they did :-).